Shark Taboo - Pulse in Time
54 plays

Shark Taboo, “Pulse in Time,” The Cage, 1985.

Flowers in the Dustbin - Why Does it Hurt?
96 plays

Flowers in the Dustbin, “Why Does it Hurt?,” Ko, recorded 1986, released 2014.

Cheers to the folks at Freaks Run Wild for finally pressing this amazing album!

46 plays

Idiot Strength, “Rather Nice Pheasant,” Idiot Strength Demo, 1985.

Unnatural Comics, the comics anthology I co-edited and contributed to is finally for sale online! Also, check out the rest of Scotty & Carl’s awesome comics.

Dreaded, “Shade of Supernal Devourment,” Alignak / Dreaded Split, 2014.

Check out my friend’s groovy band.


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Giorgio de Chirico, The Great Metaphysician, 1917.

Giorgio de Chirico, The Great Metaphysician, 1917.

Zior - Oh Mariya
22 plays

Zior, “Oh Mariya,” Zior, 1971.

Axe - Another Sunset, Another Dawn
34 plays

Axe, “Another Sunset, Another Dawn,” Axe, 1969.

Mother Sunday, “Midnight Graveyard,” Midnight Graveyard, 1971.